The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:
“The ribat of one day is better than the entire earth and what is upon it.”
— Narrated by al-Bukhari

Aims and Objectives of the Sunday Ribat:

  • Teaching the various disciplines of the Sacred Religious Sciences through chains of transmission. The method and pedagogy of teaching is based upon that which was inherited from the righteous predecessors, while also employing modern beneficial methods and tools.
  • Sincerely purifying the soul and realizing in oneself the characteristics of:
    • reconnecting to the Divine ﷻ,
    • returning repentantly to Allah ﷻ,
    • consciousness of Allah ﷻ (taqwa),
    • scrupulousness,
    • as well as refining one’s character
  • Calling people to Allah ﷻ in a wise and goodly manner. This is achieved by instilling in the students a reverence for calling to God ﷻ and an intention for fulfilling this communal obligation.
In summary, the goals of the program are acquiring beneficial knowledge by taking it from those with an aptitude, acting upon that knowledge in the best and most excellent manner, and calling others to God ﷻ with deep inner-sight.


  • Students should intend to acquire Sacred Knowledge solely for the sake of Allah ﷻ, and intend to serve humanity through the skills that they attain in sha Allah.
  • Students will be required to register and enroll in the program. A registration fee will be collected for course materials, facility costs, and expenses.
  • Students will be required to attend in person each week classes are scheduled, follow along via live streaming (where applicable,) or follow along via recordings if they are not able to do so otherwise.
  • Students will be expected to do service for their brothers and sisters as needed to keep the Sunday Ribat running smoothly and consistently; such as help with refreshments, audio-visual setup, etc.

Venue & Schedule:

Classes will be held at the Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills starting Sunday, January 22, 2017.  Sessions start at 10:00 AM and end at 1:45 PM. See detailed class schedule below.