Oh you who believe, maintain patience, vie in steadfastness, maintain ribat and be mindful of your duty to Allah, that you may succeed. (Qur’an 3:200)


What is the Sunday Ribat?

Modern life takes its toll. With busy work schedules and never ending social obligations the years pass by and we often find ourselves in the same place. This is not just a modern phenomenon, it is a human condition and Muslims since the earliest community have taken steps to give their hearts their due for the sake of their Lord ﷻ. Our beloved Messenger ﷺ used to spend time in retreat in the cave of Hira' and then would spend time in seclusion in his masjid along with his companions in i`tikaf. Throughout Muslim history the essential activities of prayer in congregation, meeting for the sake of Allah ﷻ to remember Him ﷻ and learning sacred knowledge were combined in different ways so serve the needs of Muslims. The Sunday Ribat is a new take on this age-old recipe. It is an open door for you to disconnect from the business of everyday life and connect to Allah ﷻ every week. Above all it is an opportunity to revive your heart through companionship, learning and remembrance of Allah ﷻ.

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